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Delusional BNP???

The link at the bottom of the page is Marlene Guest’s election piece, Fullof the usual fascist diatribe. She points out that she is the only candidate from Rotherham, she also blames all the Town’s problems on ‘Immigrants’.

Predictable really but sad that we have to still put up with this woman and the BNP. BNP have had a bad few years now and are somewhat heading for the rocks. One of their MEP’s quit, they did bad in Manchester and poorly in other elections. Could this be the final nail in the coffin?


Double Standards???

For those who observantly follow the Twitter feeds of the candidates of Rotherham By-election candidates, you will know that Yvonne Ridley is pulling out the party tricks (aka stuff to throw at the Labour Party because she see’s them as the biggest obstacle to power).

She has been tweeting about the street grooming fiasco in Rotherham and accusing the Labour council of a cover-up. Might seem plausible to do so you might think; as many do think in the Town however I smell double standards here from the respect party and Yvonne Ridley.

You see my friends, a wide range of sources tell me that Yvonne Ridley has become friends with a young man who is helping out in her Rotherham campaign. I will not name names but you can see him engaging with her on Twitter.

This young man has family convicted of grooming crimes and was associated with other groomers.  Here’s a link of the convicted groomers, the person helping Mrs Ridley has two brothers listed here.

Some might be shocked by this but it is true, Yvonne Ridley’s campaign is riddled with those associated to the groomers and grooming.

The truth of Respect tactics in Rotherham

The letter below has been drafted out to hundreds of houses in Rotherham; in areas which are predominantly habitated by British aisans/British Muslims.  Several sources in Bradford have confirmed to me that this was also a tactic adopted in Galloway’s campaign.

There is no imprint which would be needed under UK election law but this might have been done on purpose, feel free to comment.



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