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People in Glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones???

November 27, 2012

Dear Readers,

Things were going all quiet on the western front then today one of Rotherhambyelection readers left a comment sharing a link with me. I was initially a bit slow to catch on. Then I thought to myself, and an old saying came to mind, “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, i’m sure you’ve all heard of it. Well if your lost by this point, let me enlighten you:

Below is the link, It basically is an article on Alias Yousuf (he is a solicitor for Chamber’s Solicitors), and it goes on to describe his claims of being targeted and mobbed by some knumb-skull pea sized white men from fascist bodies. Why was he attacked you ask, it is because he was in court defending child groomers from Rochdale etc.

So what , he’s only doing his job you might say. Ah yes, but then there is the fact he is George Galloway’s personal solicitor and is actively involved with the Respect Party. In fact for half of the UK population that already doesn’t know, he goes under the cover name of David Humphreys on Twitter; this is a well-known fact. In fact it is he who is the mastermind behind Yvonne Ridley’s whole campaign, he is in charge of the dirty tricks department e.g. issuing fake letters from the Respect party that targeted on the asian community.

And all is fair in Love and War however Yvonne Ridley and the Respect party have repeatedly made accusations of a cover-up over child grooming in Rotherham; but then here is George Galloway’s personal solicitor and Mrs Ridley’s campaign manager as be it defending Child groomers in court, ‘those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

Here’s the Link

Rotherhambyelection wants to say thankyou to several people:

Thanks to the reader who left me the link to the article

Thankyou to my sources in Bradford and Leeds

Thanyou to the my source and mole in the Yvonne Ridley Campaign team.

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