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Pot, Kettle, Black and all that hypocrisy???

November 22, 2012

Dear Readers,

For those of you following the By-election avidly you might have noticed some of the behaviour going on is quite peculiar. I have been monitoring Twitter and it seems Mrs Ridley have accused the council of a cover-up on the Grooming matter. Also it seems she has also blocked a couple of Labour member’s/followers who dare question the accusations, she has not blocked me however as i sit quietly monitoring evrybodys behaviour hahaha. She also has accused the Deputy Leader of the council of being misogynistic just because he has the audacity to question her par party or accusations. And this got me thinking further, have you ever heard that saying ‘it’s like the pot calling the Kettle black’, yes, you have, good, well that this is what this whole hypocrisy from the Respect party has reminded me of. I have studied this article which gives a insight of what happens in the Respect Party. I leave a link for you at the bottom but here are some summarys of the article:

1) Respect drafted in Ruqayyah collector to stand in the Bradford local elections to make it look like it wasn’t just a mans club.

2) Salma Yaqoob left over Galloway rape comments as well as a numer of longstanding members left with her.

3) Widley respectedKate hudson machester parliamentary candidate withdraws with several women mebers refusing to join in the party to claims of misognmy and bulllying.

4) Investigations by police have been brought about based upon Repect members harrasing rape victims by social media and telephone who questioned galloway rape comments.

5) Claimsof thuggish behaviour in the party.

6) Constituent who spoke to the reporter scared to speak out and be named in fear of being harrased.

7) Harrasing comments put on bradofrd about consent event facebook page from repsect members (Bradford about consent was an event to talk about rape)

8) They accused rape victims of being labour stooges pretending they were rape victims just 2 blacken Respect’s name.

9) Car window smashed

10) One party activist in bradford has launched a compalint against the general sectary chris chilvers for misogyny and bullying and against Galloway for his ignorance towards females.

Here’s the full article


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  1. anonymous permalink

    Reviewing this I believe Yvonne Ridley should take a stance and Follow Salma Yaqoob’s and Kate Hudson’s lead.

  2. Diva permalink

    If true this is terrible. God help us if these people get a foothold in our town. I am sure Rotherham people are far more switched on then the poor folk in Bradford.

  3. Don’t forget that camapigning outside Mosques whilst people are praying, upsets me because If they were to do that outside my church on a sunday whilst i was praying i’d be upset, They have no contempt for prayer

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