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Learning on the Job???

November 21, 2012

In regards to the earlier post, it seems that Mrs Ridley has cut ties with those in her campaign associated with the recent scandal in our Town. She seems to have blocked the latter on Twitter and her campaign is now free of those associated with the scandal. Mrs Ridley has now got a ‘clean’ campaign team.

Let me make readers know for sure, Mrs Ridleys intentions were sincere and honest, now she knows she has cut all ties. The problem here is that Mrs Ridley is from ROXBURGH or DURHAM when she can make her mind up but definitley not ROTHERHAM.I am able to count the amount of weeks she has been living here  on my left hand and still have fingers spare.

Mrs Ridley has no pre-knowledge of Rotherham, she has been drafted in by Gorgeous George to fufill his ego of taking another seat. To true commando style she has been given a crash course in Rotherham matters by back dating herself on the Rotherham Advertiser.

So let me reiterate to readers, Respect now have a legitmate campaign crew an have dealt swiftly with any anomalies, the problem here was not their ethics but they’re complete utter lack of knowledge of Rotherham. Oh well she can always learn on the job.

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  1. olympics2012 permalink

    Who are the candidates from rotherham????????????????????????

  2. Very good question olympics2012, look out for a following post.

  3. I was not drafted in – I applied to be considered for the by-election in Rotherham. I am a working class Northerner and have been a trade unionist all my life coming from the pit village of Stanley next to the steel town of Consett. I’ve seen the misery caused by the Thatcher years and the negative impact during the Blair years – Iraq, A’stan, ATOS (let’s not forget Labour brought ATOS in), tuition fees etc. I worked in London as a Fleet Street journalist for 10 years and then moved into documentary and film-making, peace activism, charity and humanitarian work as well as work as a war correspondent. I moved to the Scottish Borders where I studied for an MA (successfully) completing a 40,000 word dissertation last month.
    I would be very proud to serve the people of Rotherham – as a Northerner reputations stand and fall by deeds not postcodes – my record is out there for all to see.

  4. Oh Mrs Ridley, Thankyou for engaging with this Blog, you have my due respect for that. You make some very good points Mrs Ridley on the above comment. May I ask Mrs Ridley, the letter that is on this blog, is it really from you and the Respect Party, I only ask because the letter itself has fell through hundreds of letter boxes in certain parts of Rotherham, I only ask because the people in them areas are asking whether it’s a valid Respect Party election material???

  5. @ Matilda – as a journalist I applaude citizen journalism, community activism and political blogs which hold us all to account, so thank you for the welcome. The bogus letter which went out in the Respect name was designed to undermine our campaign because some very powerful people who sit in powerful places do not want to see Respect in Rotherham. I have my suspicions of who went to all this time and trouble but the police are investigating and, with the help of CCTV, we will soon be able to identify the people who pushed this filth through voters’ letterboxes.

  6. Diva permalink

    @Yvonne – It’s good that you are disassociating yourself from the racist material being sent to our Muslim community but one does wonder why this unwarranted attack has only now being made when your party comes to our town. After all we have had BNP here for many years but even they haven’t stooped to this gutter level of politics. On a related point have you get anything to offer to the non Muslims or are you just targeting the Muslim community as I have heard you’re backers are hard core fundamentalists who believe in the implementation of sharia law.

    • If Respect had been here years ago the BNP would never have set foot in town – in Tower Hamlets we have turned them and the EDL away – what I can’t understand is why these marches are allowed in Rotherham when they’re banned in London. And I was disgusted to learn they were allowed to gather outside the Labout-led Town Council.
      Respect is all encompassing – it’s for everyone and we are making that perfectly clear. Sadly it is the labour Party which is saying we are trying to divide the community but fortunately people no longer trust Labour – the last MP was a thief and Labour allowed him to stand yet again in the last GE. Shame on Labour. They’re losing and they know they are & so do you ‘Diva’ – now come out and use your proper name, councillor! LOL.

  7. Pete permalink

    @yvonne – yes just as I thought you’re just hot air and bluster. If you did such a great job in Tower Hamlet how come the voters rejected your party there? you sound like a nice person on surface but that is nasty streak in your when one digs a little deeper. You make silly unsubstantiated allegations and hope that people will believe your diatribe. Never mind it won’t be long before the people of Rotherham will wave you bye bye.

    • @Pete – what nasty streak? Who’s making unsubstantiated allegations? I thought I’d blocked both you and your dad and you’re still following me!

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