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Candidates from Rotherham or ties with Rotherham???

November 21, 2012

I have been asked who are the candidates from Rotherham, so I will outlay those from Rotherham or significant ties with Rotherham.

1) Marlene Guest = BNP = From Rotherham, Kimberworth park I believe. A former Lib Dem turn fascist. Being a local might give her some credibility but voting for her would be like having a member of the Gestapo to be your MP.

2) Simon Copley = Independent = An independent from the RMBC area but falls under Rother valley, nevertheless, he is from the RMBC area.

3) Sarah Champion = Labour = Sarah Champion isn’t originally from Rotherham but has been CEO of the well known and well adored charity Bluebell wood hospice since 2008 so has dealt with many people in Rotherham, Blubell wood hospice went strength to strength as a charity under her managment.

Hope this helps???

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  1. Richardp permalink

    Hi matilda, couldn’t find an email for you but thought you’d be intrested in this, makes a good read x

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