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November 20, 2012

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  1. Confused permalink

    This is disgraceful. This is worse than the vile diatribe from the BNP.

  2. I’m not sure who this is from – it is poisonous. Respect is a party for everyone – people have seen this literature for what it is and for every dirty trick that’s been played against us, far from losing us votes it’s bringing people towards us. They are re-engaging with politics.

    • The matter here though Mrs Ridley is that many folk are asking the question, is this from the Respect Party or not, it might not be but many are confused, alot of people don’t know if it’s genuine or not, I myself am not accusing but just asking. I do know however as a resident of Bradford i saw similar tactics to this deployed in Bradford West.

    • Sure it is Yvonne – a party for everyone…. as long as they believe in living a primitive life of subordination to the non-existent invisible magic allah in the sky – and if someone is educated enough to believe in equality for all regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc… well, we’ve seen time and time again what happens to them in the eyes of someone who ‘openly embraces’ islam.

      I’m ashamed we are products of the same evolutionary cycle you primitive neanderthalic stain on humanity.

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