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Double Standards???

November 20, 2012

For those who observantly follow the Twitter feeds of the candidates of Rotherham By-election candidates, you will know that Yvonne Ridley is pulling out the party tricks (aka stuff to throw at the Labour Party because she see’s them as the biggest obstacle to power).

She has been tweeting about the street grooming fiasco in Rotherham and accusing the Labour council of a cover-up. Might seem plausible to do so you might think; as many do think in the Town however I smell double standards here from the respect party and Yvonne Ridley.

You see my friends, a wide range of sources tell me that Yvonne Ridley has become friends with a young man who is helping out in her Rotherham campaign. I will not name names but you can see him engaging with her on Twitter.

This young man has family convicted of grooming crimes and was associated with other groomers.  Here’s a link of the convicted groomers, the person helping Mrs Ridley has two brothers listed here.

Some might be shocked by this but it is true, Yvonne Ridley’s campaign is riddled with those associated to the groomers and grooming.

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  1. Terry B permalink

    Why not just say who they are so we all know to stay away from him and see if Mrs Ridley has any REAL policies?

  2. WillnotbefooledbyRespect permalink

    Yes this is true. This certain person has self proscribed himself as an Islamic scholar and is constantly commenting on the Yvonne Ridley 4 Rotherham Facebook page and also is always writing status about Respect meetings. This person for a period of 8 months was involved in a police investigation and was later not charged. This is exactly the type of failings by South Yorkshire Police the Times report was talking about. It is people like this person, who is now beating the drums for Respect, the police failed to prosecute and take adequate action and now Yvonne goes on about a ‘cover-up’ by the labour party.

    Also as Yvonne likes to go on about the Times report and the grooming case, I would like to ask her what George Galloway and Respect doing about the issue in Bradford? I ask this because those same reports mentioned that girls were taken from Rotherham to Bradford amongst other places. Therefore there is also a problem in Bradford, but I have heard nothing about from Galloway or Respect. Did the conveniently brush over this point?

  3. Hounddog permalink

    It’s rightand hes chattin to yvon on twitter

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