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People in Glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones???

Dear Readers,

Things were going all quiet on the western front then today one of Rotherhambyelection readers left a comment sharing a link with me. I was initially a bit slow to catch on. Then I thought to myself, and an old saying came to mind, “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, i’m sure you’ve all heard of it. Well if your lost by this point, let me enlighten you:

Below is the link, It basically is an article on Alias Yousuf (he is a solicitor for Chamber’s Solicitors), and it goes on to describe his claims of being targeted and mobbed by some knumb-skull pea sized white men from fascist bodies. Why was he attacked you ask, it is because he was in court defending child groomers from Rochdale etc.

So what , he’s only doing his job you might say. Ah yes, but then there is the fact he is George Galloway’s personal solicitor and is actively involved with the Respect Party. In fact for half of the UK population that already doesn’t know, he goes under the cover name of David Humphreys on Twitter; this is a well-known fact. In fact it is he who is the mastermind behind Yvonne Ridley’s whole campaign, he is in charge of the dirty tricks department e.g. issuing fake letters from the Respect party that targeted on the asian community.

And all is fair in Love and War however Yvonne Ridley and the Respect party have repeatedly made accusations of a cover-up over child grooming in Rotherham; but then here is George Galloway’s personal solicitor and Mrs Ridley’s campaign manager as be it defending Child groomers in court, ‘those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

Here’s the Link

Rotherhambyelection wants to say thankyou to several people:

Thanks to the reader who left me the link to the article

Thankyou to my sources in Bradford and Leeds

Thanyou to the my source and mole in the Yvonne Ridley Campaign team.

Pot, Kettle, Black and all that hypocrisy???

Dear Readers,

For those of you following the By-election avidly you might have noticed some of the behaviour going on is quite peculiar. I have been monitoring Twitter and it seems Mrs Ridley have accused the council of a cover-up on the Grooming matter. Also it seems she has also blocked a couple of Labour member’s/followers who dare question the accusations, she has not blocked me however as i sit quietly monitoring evrybodys behaviour hahaha. She also has accused the Deputy Leader of the council of being misogynistic just because he has the audacity to question her par party or accusations. And this got me thinking further, have you ever heard that saying ‘it’s like the pot calling the Kettle black’, yes, you have, good, well that this is what this whole hypocrisy from the Respect party has reminded me of. I have studied this article which gives a insight of what happens in the Respect Party. I leave a link for you at the bottom but here are some summarys of the article:

1) Respect drafted in Ruqayyah collector to stand in the Bradford local elections to make it look like it wasn’t just a mans club.

2) Salma Yaqoob left over Galloway rape comments as well as a numer of longstanding members left with her.

3) Widley respectedKate hudson machester parliamentary candidate withdraws with several women mebers refusing to join in the party to claims of misognmy and bulllying.

4) Investigations by police have been brought about based upon Repect members harrasing rape victims by social media and telephone who questioned galloway rape comments.

5) Claimsof thuggish behaviour in the party.

6) Constituent who spoke to the reporter scared to speak out and be named in fear of being harrased.

7) Harrasing comments put on bradofrd about consent event facebook page from repsect members (Bradford about consent was an event to talk about rape)

8) They accused rape victims of being labour stooges pretending they were rape victims just 2 blacken Respect’s name.

9) Car window smashed

10) One party activist in bradford has launched a compalint against the general sectary chris chilvers for misogyny and bullying and against Galloway for his ignorance towards females.

Here’s the full article


Candidates from Rotherham or ties with Rotherham???

I have been asked who are the candidates from Rotherham, so I will outlay those from Rotherham or significant ties with Rotherham.

1) Marlene Guest = BNP = From Rotherham, Kimberworth park I believe. A former Lib Dem turn fascist. Being a local might give her some credibility but voting for her would be like having a member of the Gestapo to be your MP.

2) Simon Copley = Independent = An independent from the RMBC area but falls under Rother valley, nevertheless, he is from the RMBC area.

3) Sarah Champion = Labour = Sarah Champion isn’t originally from Rotherham but has been CEO of the well known and well adored charity Bluebell wood hospice since 2008 so has dealt with many people in Rotherham, Blubell wood hospice went strength to strength as a charity under her managment.

Hope this helps???

Learning on the Job???

In regards to the earlier post, it seems that Mrs Ridley has cut ties with those in her campaign associated with the recent scandal in our Town. She seems to have blocked the latter on Twitter and her campaign is now free of those associated with the scandal. Mrs Ridley has now got a ‘clean’ campaign team.

Let me make readers know for sure, Mrs Ridleys intentions were sincere and honest, now she knows she has cut all ties. The problem here is that Mrs Ridley is from ROXBURGH or DURHAM when she can make her mind up but definitley not ROTHERHAM.I am able to count the amount of weeks she has been living here  on my left hand and still have fingers spare.

Mrs Ridley has no pre-knowledge of Rotherham, she has been drafted in by Gorgeous George to fufill his ego of taking another seat. To true commando style she has been given a crash course in Rotherham matters by back dating herself on the Rotherham Advertiser.

So let me reiterate to readers, Respect now have a legitmate campaign crew an have dealt swiftly with any anomalies, the problem here was not their ethics but they’re complete utter lack of knowledge of Rotherham. Oh well she can always learn on the job.

EDL wacko?

Seems the Rotherham by-election isn’t short of extremists and wacko’s, Clint (eric) Bristow is a well known EDL thug standing as an independent candidate, hope not hate unlids the truth.


Some of you who like History might know about how the Nazi’s came to power in Germany in 1933. They went from an extremist minority to reforming themselves as a socialist left party, they adopted propaganda techniques to get where they got.

Reading this draws uncanny resemblances between them and Respect party.

Don’t take my word, take a ex member’s view.

Rotherham by-election

Readers, this blog is specifically set up to inform the un-decided voter’s of Rotherham of all the antics and stupendous behaviour carried out by the candidates wishing to become their MP.  ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME AND THIS BLOG IS JUST SET TO SERVE THE BY-ELECTION. WE NEED TO DISCUSS TO KEEP DEMOCRACY HEALTHY.

Delusional BNP???

The link at the bottom of the page is Marlene Guest’s election piece, Fullof the usual fascist diatribe. She points out that she is the only candidate from Rotherham, she also blames all the Town’s problems on ‘Immigrants’.

Predictable really but sad that we have to still put up with this woman and the BNP. BNP have had a bad few years now and are somewhat heading for the rocks. One of their MEP’s quit, they did bad in Manchester and poorly in other elections. Could this be the final nail in the coffin?

Double Standards???

For those who observantly follow the Twitter feeds of the candidates of Rotherham By-election candidates, you will know that Yvonne Ridley is pulling out the party tricks (aka stuff to throw at the Labour Party because she see’s them as the biggest obstacle to power).

She has been tweeting about the street grooming fiasco in Rotherham and accusing the Labour council of a cover-up. Might seem plausible to do so you might think; as many do think in the Town however I smell double standards here from the respect party and Yvonne Ridley.

You see my friends, a wide range of sources tell me that Yvonne Ridley has become friends with a young man who is helping out in her Rotherham campaign. I will not name names but you can see him engaging with her on Twitter.

This young man has family convicted of grooming crimes and was associated with other groomers.  Here’s a link of the convicted groomers, the person helping Mrs Ridley has two brothers listed here.

Some might be shocked by this but it is true, Yvonne Ridley’s campaign is riddled with those associated to the groomers and grooming.

The truth of Respect tactics in Rotherham

The letter below has been drafted out to hundreds of houses in Rotherham; in areas which are predominantly habitated by British aisans/British Muslims.  Several sources in Bradford have confirmed to me that this was also a tactic adopted in Galloway’s campaign.

There is no imprint which would be needed under UK election law but this might have been done on purpose, feel free to comment.